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Change Logs

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TWE/TWP Firmware v1.2.4

Description Impact Recommendation
  • Reduce number of retries for firmware packets

  • Force readings to be sent after each firmware packet send attempt.

  • Fixed some potential causes of multiple pods with garbage data showing up.

  • Retry sending same readings to D1 if send fails instead of moving on to next readings

  • Fix potential early notification that device is full

  • Improved transfer speed over USB device for DicksonWare

  • Prevent device from sending multiple registration packets in a row

  • Allow for some additional replacement pod conditions

  • Fix serial number display in CSV data

No impact No testing needed

TWE/TWP Firmware v1.2.1

Description Impact Recommendation
  • Fixed problems regenerating graph buffer when time scale is set to 7 days or above

  • Allow latest data point to be shown even if only one point exists in graph buffer

  • If pod has been replaced, make sure the most recent pod information is sent to DicksonWare

  • Prevent device from overwriting incorrect settings during D1 alarm API communication.

  • Temporarily disabled D1 alarms API.

No impact No testing needed