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Change Logs

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DWE Firmware v1.9.9

Description Impact Recommendation
  • Updated RTC fallback time to 1/8/2019 midnight GMT
  • Added functionality to update RTC fallback time to time of most recent message from D1
  • Fixed issue where replaceable sensors with different sensor types couldn’t properly replace one another.
  • Updated firmware will show new firmware version without need for reboot
  • Fixed issue where config packet was sent on battery power
No impact No testing needed
  • Added rounding functionality to ensure display readings match what is shown in the DicksonOne interface
Minor impact Check new functionality

DicksonOne v1.3.7

Description Impact Recommendation

Audible Alarms

  • Sound Alarms are now called Audible Alarms
  • The Audible Alarm now respects a custom delay
Low impact No testing needed

UI/UX Enhancements

  • ‘Suspend User’ has been moved from the User management page to the User edit page
  • Made a change to the Calibration page so that the Last Reported On time stamp corresponds to the user’s time zone settings
  • When a user is deleted from the system, in the audit trail they are captured by name and no longer as ‘Unknown user’
Low impact No testing needed


  • Fixed an issue with locations on the mobile app via iOS
  • We’ve improved stability within the Android Device
Low impact No testing needed

Device Default Settings

  • Account Managers are now able to control Default Device Settings and can take advantage of applying bulk updates across multiple devices in the Manage Devices page
  • Can apply them to a single device when you visit a Device’s Settings page or to multiple devices in the Manage Devices page
Minor impact Check new functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing numbers to display properly under an account’s security settings
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘back’ button was not redirecting the user to the right page when creating an alarm template
  • Fixed a bug where alarm flags appearing towards the top of a graph display were being cut off
  • Fixed a bug where users would receive all of their notifications at once when a device was not reporting without respecting their delays
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Calibration Report’ email to provide the appropriate information on the email
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when deleting a location. Users will now be warned before deletion occurs
  • Fixed a bug where fields displaying information were being cut off within the Manage Device page
  • Fixed a bug that prohibited users from registering a device within a location if that location had a pending report
  • Fixed a bug so that archived loggers do not display an alarm state
  • Fixed a bug so that users can now upload data manual for a DWE/TWE/TWP as a backup
Minor impact Check new functionality

TWE/TWP Firmware v2.4.30

Description Impact Recommendation
  • Adjust real-time clock’s offset to account for drift (mainly for TSBs or TWE/TWPs used without DicksonOne)
  • Changed default sample rate to 5 minutes instead of 1 minute
No impact No testing needed
  • Resolved bug where battery may be drained too quickly.
  • Resolved bug where USB exports attributed readings to the incorrect serial number
Low impact No testing needed

DicksonOne v1.3.6

Description Impact Recommendation


  • Captcha was added to the registration page to reduce spam signups
Low impact No testing needed

DicksonOne v1.3.5

Description Impact Recommendation

Calibration Reports

  • Updated the format of calibration report email, PDF, and web views to more clearly explain what is due or coming due for calibration
  • The calibration report email now provides an overview and calibration highlights
  • Device calibration information was enhanced by providing a new layout to how the information is displayed
No impact No testing needed

Bug Fixes

  • Deleted loggers are no longer included in reports
  • A bug was fixed that prevented users from copying reports
  • Fixed bug where reports appeared available in the report history prior to complete generation
  • Fixed a bug where an unrelated error message was appearing when editing email subscriptions on a user profile
  • Fixed bug where users were able to configure multiple escalations for V1 devices
  • Fixed a bug that allowed legacy devices to be included in recurring reports.
Low impact No testing needed

User Experience

  • Implemented the ability to suspend a user, so that a suspended user cannot access the system
Minor impact Check new functionality

DicksonOne v1.3.4

Description Impact Recommendation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users were not able to add an alarm to a device that did not have any alarms previously configured.
  • Fixed failure to receive ‘Not Reporting Alarms’ notification when devices were disconnected.
  • Users are no longer able to select a blank location when adding a device.
  • Improved the drag and drop accuracy issue when rearranging devices.
  • Fixed a bug for DRAFT alarm templates that were shown as an available option for a device. DRAFT templates are now hidden from the device’s alarms page and must be finished before being applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Acknowledge’ button wasn’t displaying properly under the ‘Annotations’ table. This occurred when an alarm was triggered.
  • Users can no longer add a negative number of readings to trigger an alarm and will default to 0 if a negative number is entered.
  • Fixed an issue where users (managers) were unable to drag and drop roles.
  • When using the global search function, all valid serial numbers should display the appropriate data for the device.
No impact No testing needed


  • We updated the critical firmware update page to include more relevant and up-to-date information.
No impact No testing needed


  • Fixed a bug that occurred when users were renewing their subscription and still received emails stating their subscription had expired
No impact No testing needed


  • Added a new Manage Devices page that allows managers to view devices in the account and bulk edit settings across multiple devices.
  • Users will be able to sort information within the Manage Device page by selecting a column header.
  • The audible alarm setting has been moved from a notification method to a toggle for alarms.
  • When creating a one-off calibration report, users will no longer see the “Start” and “End” fields as they do not pertain to this type of report.
  • An audit trail for user logins, failed login attempts, logouts, and logouts caused by inactivity is now captured in the Events page.
Low impact No testing needed

Mean Kinetic Temperature Calculation

  • The activation energy is now the gas constant multiplied by a factor of 10,000 to give the correct USP <1079> definition
Minor impact Check new functionality

DicksonOne v1.3.3

Description Impact Recommendation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where audible alarms were not being applied to devices correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where users were getting reminders to update their device’s firmware when their devices were up to date.
  • Fixed a bug where users weren’t being able to apply users from a notification policy to an alarm.
  • Fixed a bug where users weren’t able to use Internet Explorer 11 to apply a notification to an alarm template.
  • Fixed a bug where buttons were not aligning properly when creating a notification policy
  • Fixed a bug where the footer was changing size depending on page content.
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when uploading data from a legacy device. Users uploading data will no longer trigger alarms for data older than a week.
  • Fixed a bug where users were able to select dates in the future from a date selector on the account export.
  • Fixed a bug where the page would not automatically refresh when an escalation policy was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where applying multiple escalations with sound alarm notifications were not working as expected
  • Improved error handling for reports.
  • Fixed a bug where the date range on the graph did not match that of the summary data on a “Device” report
  • Fixed a bug where the monthly details of the credit card subscription were not being displayed.
No impact No testing needed

User Experience

  • Clarified warning messages when deleting locations. When deleting parent location, all child locations will remain under the account parent location.
  • Redesigned the website’s footer to take up less space and easier on the eyes.
  • Prevent users from saving invalid or blank channel names.
  • Prevent expiring subscription emails when an upcoming subscription is redeemed.
  • We now send an email notifying a user that a report has failed to generate.
  • The event log now groups actions that happened together (i.e. adding a user with a set of permissions).
  • Improved messaging on the Device Replacement warning to better explain the impact of the action.
No impact No testing needed


  • We now capture subscription related events in the event logs including adding an event to the event log log for yearly subscriptions (redeemed and expired)
No impact No testing needed


  • Users can now create a location at the time they are registering a device
Minor impact Check new functionality

Global Search

  • You can now search for devices, locations, users, reports, and more from the global search at the top of the site.
Minor impact Check new functionality

Account Export

  • Moved the ‘Export Your Account’ link to the Device Exports page.
Minor impact Check new functionality


  • Added Armenian country code (+374) for phone/SMS alarms.
  • For an account with an expired subscription, we now allow a user to see the alarm templates, but not edit them
  • Improved details of Not Reporting Alarms in the event log.
Minor impact Check new functionality

DWE Firmware v1.9.8


Firmware version 1.9.8 is an identical release of 1.9.6 (since pulled from production servers) with the addition of the security certificate necessary to continue communicating beyond the phase out of a specific security certificate by Google.

Description Impact Recommendation


  • Includes new SSL Certificate for continued communication between device and DicksonOne Servers.
No impact No testing needed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where additional channel(s) was being created based on sensor type for RTMP sensors
  • Reduced the size of ping packets to reduce watch dog timeouts caused by the ping packet
  • Pairing/registration code is now the highest priority and will be displayed over all other messages (e.g. errors)
  • Fixed multiple bugs allowing for devices to be properly configured reset at factory
  • Fixed bug related to large numbers of sensors being connected over time
  • Removed legacy code/functionality where ping packets were being sent every 6 hours when device was on battery
  • Fixed issue with readings not being sent due to processing constraint
  • Fixed “No AC” error message to appear whenever the device runs on battery
No impact No testing needed

Improved Network Communication

  • ARP cache cleared automatically after 20 minutes to allow device to connect to new access points
  • Improved WiFi roaming to allow device to jump between different access points
No impact No testing needed


  • Added support for reporting connection status to new Network Connection App
No impact No testing needed

Device Exports

  • Improved performance of USB file export; short button press now exports all data since last export and long press exports all data
Low impact No testing needed

DicksonOne v1.3.2


This release was focused on providing support for the critical firmware update including a banner notification and a status page. This release also included some minor bug fixes and the addition of Armenia to the available countries for alarming purposes.

Description Impact Recommendation

Support for Critical Firmware Updates

  • Created a site-wide banner to alert users about the critical firmware update.
  • Created a status page that indicates any devices that require updating.

Failure to update devices that are still communicating by Oct 12, 2018 will need to be manually updated after that date.

No impact No testing needed

Support for SMS and Voice Alarms

  • Added Armenia (+374) to the available list of countries that can receive text messages and voice calls for alarms.
Low impact No testing needed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor user interface issues from the previous alarm template changes. No functional changes here.
  • Saving a template would fail without alerting a user if no channels were applied
  • Re-added the save as template checkbox to the custom alarm creation form
  • Added additional contextual information to event log/audit trail entries relating to not reporting alarms
  • For users who’s subscriptions have expired and attempt to use alarm templates, we clearly notify them of relevant limitations
  • Prevent users from saving a blank channel name.
  • Cleaned up event logs so actions that happen at the same time appear as a single entry (e.g. when you invite a user and grant them their initial permissions).
Low impact No testing needed

TWE/TWP Firmware v2.4.28


This update is required for continued operation of your TWE/TWP after October 12, 2018.

Description Impact Recommendation

This is the same as the pervious version (2.4.27) but has the new security certificates to address Google’s decision to distrust some existing certificates.

No impact No testing needed