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Change Logs

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This release added support for EU frequencies for the Battery Operated Data Logger. The actual release date of the firmware was September 22, 2023 but we are now uploading it here.

This firmware included no changes for the US/915MhZ versions of the loggers and does not require nor would we recommend an update if you use your loggers in the US.

Description Impact Recommendation

Features & Enhancements

  • Added support for 868MhZ (EU LoRa frequencies)
  • Logger will report as RF868 when it is configured for 868MhZ.
Low impact No testing needed

THIS RFL FIRMWARE IS A REQUIRED UPDATE - All RFL data loggers must be updated to this new firmware version by February 22, 2022.

Description Impact Recommendation


  • A bug that caused inconsistent sampling of data points was fixed.
  • A bug regarding audible alarms not triggering when a sensor pod is swapped was fixed.
  • A bug regarding log files not containing the correct times or serial numbers was fixed.
  • A bug regarding readings above 999.9 not being displayed on the logger’s screen was fixed.
  • A bug regarding settings not being changed properly when device settings are changed was fixed.
  • A bug regarding the exported LOJ files not containing channel thread IDs was fixed.
  • A bug regarding incorrect Epoch/date timestamps in log files was fixed.
  • A bug regarding server errors being caused when data loggers are re-registered to DicksonOne was fixed.
  • A bug that caused intermittent issues regarding data exports not containing data was fixed.
No impact No testing needed


  • A factory reset functionality was introduced.
  • Logged events on the data logger now utilize the RTC timestamp.
  • Data loggers now support exporting data using exFAT formatted USB drives.
  • Data logger screen display error messages were updated to provide better context.
Low impact No testing needed


This firmware includes a required update to migrate RFL data logger traffic from The Things Network version 2 to version 3.

Low impact No testing needed